Compare the New Toyota Corolla in Las Vegas

Comparing the Toyota Corolla to the Honda Civic, Ford Focus & Nissan Altima

When searching for the perfect vehicle for your future, you'll inevitably be faced with a variety of options. Especially in the sedan segment of the auto industry, where vehicles like the Toyota Corolla have long been the most impressive. While competitor models seek to contend with the Corolla, it remains atop the segment, an example of automotive excellence ready to please drivers throughout Las Vegas. But what makes the Corolla superior to the competitors? Take a look below and see how some of the competition stacks up.

 Honda Civic  Ford Focus Nissan Altima

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Corolla vs. Honda Civic

One of the strongest competitors, the Honda Civic does a lot right. But upon closer examination we can see where it falls just short of the bar set by the Toyota Corolla.

  • The Toyota Corolla offers a lower price point than the Honda Civic, ensuring that right from the outset it is a greater value than the iconic Honda model.
  • With more interior space, the Toyota Corolla offers a more comfortable experience for drivers than the comparatively cramped Honda Civic.

Corolla vs. Ford Focus

The Ford Focus has prominently risen in popularity, but is that enough to contend with the legendary Toyota Corolla? Find out below.

  • Though it starts at a slightly lower price point, once you move up through the offered trim levels, the Ford Focus quickly becomes a more expensive vehicle, with less available features than the Toyota Corolla.
  • With more interior volume than the Ford Focus, the Toyota Corolla offers a more comfortable experience for drivers and passengers.

Corolla vs. Nissan Altima

Another vehicle that has dramatically risen in prominence, the Nissan Altima is yet another example of a vehicle that falls short of the mark the Corolla has left on the industry.

  • demanding almost four thousand dollars more at the base price, drivers will immediately see the value inherent to the Toyota Corolla as a significant advantage over the Altima.
  • With many more standard features like auto climate control, cruise control, and more, the Toyota Corolla out-classes the Altima, which doesn't offer these features at all.

To learn more about the advantages offered by the new Toyota Corolla, browse our pre-buy research and new Toyota Corolla listings, and then come see us at David Wilson's Toyota of Las Vegas. Once you arrive at our location we'll help you identify the perfect vehicle for your future, arrange a test drive, and ensure an effortless transition into ownership. In no time you'll be enjoying your new Corolla throughout Las Vegas, Henderson, Paradise, Spring Valley, Winchester, and beyond.