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Need Tires?  We can help. Your Toyota Tire Center is the one-stop tire shop for all your tire needs.

Through years of experience, we at David Wilson's Toyota of Las Vegas have selected reliable brands and models of tires that cover a wide range of common driving conditions. We have compiled a list of tires and vehicles into three categories of good/better/best.  Depending on your driving needs, one of these three choices should be a perfect fit for your Toyota. 

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At David Wilson's Toyota of Las Vegas, we know your time is valuable. That's why we are making tire maintenance, replacement and service a top priority for busy customers like you. Now, you can take advantage of the convenience, selection and service David Wilson's Toyota of Las Vegas's Tire Center offers without having to make a special trip to the tire store.

The next time you are in for routine maintenance or service, ask your Toyota Assistant Service Manager to check your tire pressure and perform a visual inspection of you tires. If they notice any signs of unusual wear, they can assist in recommending a course of action for you and your vehicle.

And when you purchase tires from David Wilson's Toyota of Las Vegas Tire Center, the tires are backed by the tire manufacturer's warranty and serviced by David Wilson's Toyota of Las Vegas.

Toyota Tire Center - Tires where you need them. When you need them.

Frequently Asked Tire Questions:

How often should I have my tires inspected?
Check tire pressure once a month and have your Toyota Assistant Service Manager inspect your tires when you are in for service.

What factors affect tire wear?
Driving habits and the road conditions can affect the wear of your tires, as well as over- or under-inflation, improper alignment setting, improper balance, and spring or shock wear.

How often should my tires be rotated?
On average, tires should be rotated every 5,000 miles.

When should I replace my tires?
Tires must be replaced whenever there is 2/32 of an inch of tread or less remaining on the tire.

Which tire size commonly fits Toyota vehicles?
Toyota Vehicle Common Sizes Corolla 175/65 R14 185/65 R14 Camry 195/70 R14 205/65 R15 Avalon 205/65 R15 -- RAV4 215/70 R16

Tire Maintenance

Trust your tire care to the Toyota Certified technicians of David Wilson's Toyota of Las Vegas Scion.  When it comes to knowing your vehicle inside and out, you can always count on them for expert tire advice.  The proper performance and effective life of your tires depends on various factors, including tire type, speeding rating, inflation pressure, wheel alignment, road conditions and your driving habits. 

Here at David Wilson's Toyota of Las Vegas Scion, we offer the following services:

Tire Inspection - Routine tire maintenance will help ensure that your vehicle retains its superior safety and performance.  Servicing your vehicle's tires and its other mechanical components in one place will save you time and money.  Furthermore, be sure to check your tire pressure periodically.

Wheel Alignment - If your vehicle is "pulling" one way or the other as you drive, your suspension may be out of alignment, which can adversely impact tire wear and performance.  If necessary, we can conduct a four-wheel computerized alignment of front and rear suspension.

Tire Rotation* - Regular rotation of your vehicle's tires helps prevent uneven wear, improper handling, reduced fuel efficiency and shortened tire life.

Tire Balancing - As tires wear, they can become out of balance, causing vehicle vibration and accelerated tire wear.  When needed, we can computer-balance all four wheels.