Why Lease?

Benefits of Leasing a New Toyota in Las Vegas

  • Lower payments
  • Lower cash investment
  • More vehicle for the money
  • New car more often (with the most current reliability, safety, technology, performance, fuel efficiency, styling)
  • Factory warranty coverage
  • Lower maintenance expenses
  • No negative equity
  • No trade hassle
  • Potential tax advantages
  • More end of term options (buy, sell, trade, turn it in and walk away, extend)

Our customers across Las Vegas enjoy a hearty selection of Toyota models to choose from, and, in the end, many of them make the choice to lease their next vehicle, rather than financing a loan and purchasing the model outright. Our staff at David Wilson's Toyota of Las Vegas understands the appeal to a leased vehicle, which is why we work hard to detail the benefits to both options for our local drivers.

If you're the kind of driver who enjoys a change of scenery every 24 to 60 months, our lease terms for a new Toyota will surely sound like music to your ears. Our team of financial experts will not only ensure that you can head home in a new and exciting Toyota model with ease, but that your monthly payments and overall cost during the lease period is one that is flexible to your budget needs.

Whether you have you sights set on a Toyota Camry, RAV4, Tundra or anything in between, there is no denying the simplicity of getting to claim a model that can achieve what you need for a much lower cost than the price to own it. Plus, once your term period has ended, you can easily jump back into the process for your successor model! With such a wide array of reasons to choose a lease for your next Toyota, why not give it your consideration?


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